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Hello friends, it is almost time for Thanksgiving. I am really excited, my family is getting together and also there is no work. I would get to sleep in, hopefully, and catch up with my family.

What are your plans? Are you going to go shopping on Thanksgiving? Will you wait for Black Friday? This year it is going to be weird with many stores opening at 9pm don’t you think? It seems slowly, “Thanksgiving” will be known for shopping day, don’t you think?

I wanted to share few beauty tips for Thanksgiving before the actual holiday. I understand during the Thanksgiving dinner, we see so much food and since we are with our family/friends, we start eating and talking. Taking in so much excitement can and may make us forget how much food we digested right? Few cool tricks can go long ways.

Dressing tricks:

  • Wear long sweaters, please no baggy or huge sweaters. You don’t want to hide yourself, you want to create “long leg” look
  • Wear boots, not winter boots, but more like high heel and stylish boots, that way you look taller
  • Great time to wear accessories
  • Don’t forget to wear colors according to your skin tone!

Eating tricks:

  • Skip pop/soda and stay with water
  • Don’t overfill your plate, make sure you can see some space in your plate
  • Eat slowly, since you know you are with your family, take your time eating.
  • Take breaks between bites
  • Before touching dessert, take a short walk or do some indoor exercise
  • Don’t sleep with full stomach, do some workout and/or go for a walk

***Happy and Safe Thanksgiving from Diverse Beauty***


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