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Work and Me

Okay, you guys might have wondered where have I disappeared to right? Let me clarify, I am still here but the reason my posts are quite slow is because I finally landed a job after 2.5 years. It is a temp retail job, but it pays the bills and hours are quite good, especially with the holidays.

You might now be thinking why am I working retail job? Yes, I do have Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Bachelors Degree in Business and currently working on my Masters in Business (MBA), because it pays and another important aspect is because I love meeting people and learning new things. I am really enjoying the people I am working with, I don’t feel I am working, but going to have fun!

I wanted to inform you about my job and the reasoning my limited posting. When I don’t have work, I like working on my blog and keeping you guys updated.

So tell me how was your Cyber Monday? Did you guys go online shopping? Many of my colleagues took the advantage of Cyber Monday and completed their Christmas shopping. Me, on the other hand, I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet! I know I shouldn’t procrastinate but I barely had any time on computer, let alone go online shopping!


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