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Prevent Split Ends

As per our last post, Healthy Hair for Men and Women-Split Ends, we discussed if you go through split ends, what steps to take. Now here we will go in detail how to prevent from getting split ends in the first place!

Our daily hair routine may cause unknown damage to our hair without us realizing that!

  • By being too harsh/careless can contribute to the problem.
  • Chemicals in bath/ pool water
  • Doing perm and hair dye  all use different chemicals
  • Shampoos and Conditioners too are full of chemicals

The combination of all substances and chemicals are deadly to our health, body, and hair. So let us try to stay away from such as much as possible; we are not saying completely stop using any of the listed above products, but putting a limit of the usage is good idea:)

Protecting our hair from exposure to water in various forms such as: swimming pools, oceans or lakes can also be helpful. Best way to go about doing that is wear a cap and/or once you are out of the pool, immediately wash your hair in fresh water.

Using shampoo and conditioner should be appropriate for your hair type. We all know there is one universal product that works for all. Remember is it extremely important how and number of times you wash your hair.

Our hair, no matter how strong they can be, still manage to break easily when we brush/comb them. Knowing that, it is better to brush/comb our hair when they are dry. When there is a tangle in the hair, don’t yank the tangle or fight with it, instead slowly untangle the part of the hair with our fingers and then slowly brush/comb that part of the hair.


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