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Pimple Remedies Part 1

Well here we are with new ideas and home remedies regarding pimples, unless otherwise noted, as we previously had promised. Let us know what you think and if you tried any/all of these, let us know your feedback:)

  • 1 tbl spoon full of besan, add it to rice powder, some water to it, and apply the mixture of your face. This remedy is helpful for both pimples and blackheads. As the rice powder is very useful for scrubbing.
  • Combine lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results.
  • Lemon juice can also be applied in combination with an equal amount of groundnut oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results.
  • Lemon juice can also be added to sandalwood powder. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results.
  • Rubbing garlic on the affected area several times in a day can also be quite effective. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results
  • Regularly applying the pulp of ripe tomatoes on the face for about an half an hr to an hour can be effective
  • Cucumber pulp can also be used in the same way with the same results
  • Raw papaya juice can be applied on the face for about an half an hr to an hour can be effective
  • Simply applying freshly extracted mint juice serves as one of the easiest possible natural home remedies
  • Applying a mixture of coriander juice and some turmeric is an effective home remedy
  • Applying a mixture of mint juice and some turmeric is an effective home remedy
  • Take two to three teaspoons of dried basil leaves and add to one cup water and boil the mixture for about 15-20 minutes. After the mixture is cooled apply it on the affected area. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results
  • Mix some water in a mixture of crushed margosa (neem) leaves and turmeric to make a fine paste. Apply mixture on the pimples, leave it for about half an hour. Wash it off.  Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results

We have many more remedies, so we will continue in our next post, but please note that we haven’t tried any of the above remedies yet and so we are not sure if it works as of now. When you try, please make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient, please test a little bit first before apply any of the above applications/mixtures on effected areas.


Quick Blackheads Home Remedies

It is March 2012 and we had promised we will collect and research information and put together a compilation of what are best Valentines Beauty tips. To our surprise we received quite a huge amount of emails and many of the beauty tips are/can be used “all year round.”
Majority of our tips that we received are also home remedies that many people are the world rely heavily on.  We will be sharing these tips whole month so stay tuned:) Try it and share what you think!
Quick  Blackheads Home Remedies
Still stuck with Blackheads? Why not experiment with these quick home remedies?
Mild and Eco-friendly method to refresh your skin!
  • Lime Juice and Milk- An efficient cleansing solution from lime juice and boiled milk. Instructions: Heat a glass of milk and mix it with the fresh juice of a medium-sized lime. Both of these ingredients are anti-oxidant. Carefully wash the blackhead areas with this mixture for at least for a week on a daily basis and then rinse it off with pure and cold water.
  • Grated Potatoes-Wash your face with warm water and make sure there are no chemicals/dirt on your face. Leave the facial (grated potatoes) on for at least 10-15 minutes, rinse off the area with cold water. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results.
  • Lemon Juice and Cinnamon-Cinnamon is known to fight many and various skin problems/diseases. Steps: Mix 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice with 1 tsp of Cinnamon powder. Make sure it is a fine paste, apply to the blackheads areas. Leave the paste on for at least 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results.
  • Basil-Another household ingredient that is extremely helpful and easy to get hold of is basil. Put 2-3 tsp of dried basil into a medium cup of boiling water. Let the leaves steep for at least 15-20 minutes. After is cools down, dip a cotton ball into this tonic and apply it the affected sections. Wash it off with cold water. Repeat the session a few times per week to have the desired results.

Well this is Home Remedies for Blackheads. Stay tuned for more easy and effective way to be beautiful! Remember beauty creates confidence and happiness!


Ugly Dark Circle Eyes Transform into Beauty

In our previous post, Causes for Dark Circles Under Eyes, we described the causes and in Hidden Truth about Dark Circles Under Eyes, defined, now finally we will be discussing treatment and how you can try to rid of those dark circles or at least lighten to your skin tone.

If you want to try to take care of dark circles under your eyes by yourself at home here are few options to go for:

  • Freezing: Try a cold ice, frozen spoon, cold used teabag, or a bag frozen peas, wrap the item (one product at a time) in a  soft cloth or handkerchief and put it under your eyes to temporarily reduce dilated and discoloration.
  • Cushion Sleep. Instead of using only one pillow when sleeping, try to get two or more, that can help prevent puffiness under lower eyelids.
  • Snooze. Many times it is good idea to sleep in and get refreshed sleep. It can help the whole body relax and function properly.
  • Summer Blast. During summer months it is really good idea to use sunscreen lotion and going for sunglasses. Go easy on your eyes with all the light and heat!
  • Over the Counter. it you have a cold, use the nasal congestion medication over the counter and/or prescribed by your doctor, that can help clear the puffiness of your eyes.
  • Make Up. There are over hundreds of skin creams and lotions to cover the dark circles. I would highly suggest researching the ingredients of the product before trying on your skin, due to allergy reaction.
  • Magic. I am not kidding the right color concealer can do the trick! Avoid scented products due to allergy reactions.

Now give it a try and let us know!!!

Diverse Beauty Winter 2012 Tips

Ok, it is snowing and it is extremely cold and worrying about how we look is not our top priority correct?

I really hope you stopped before answering this question and gave some thought. I will share few tips regarding winter beauty and I assure you it will not take much of your time, and most of all it would make you look beautiful!

Diverse Beauty Winter 2012 Tips:

  • Drink water-I know I seem to be repeating that a lot, but it is very true. In wintertime, we don’t really feel thirsty and we end up drinking very less amount of water. Drinking plenty of water helps smooth our skin and provide “life” to it.
  • Turn on the humidifier. Our skin becomes really dry quite fast, especially with the harsh winds and chills that are in the air. Our face needs moisturized air that is consistent and soothing.
  • Don’t stop using sunscreen because summer is gone. Sun doesn’t disappear in wintertime, so neither should our sunscreen. I use SPF 15 sunscreen in winter, because it protects the skin from sun rays.
  • Clean your face on daily basis, if you have extremely dry face, I would urge you to use face mask (which I will be providing various options and ways in my upcoming posts) that would help get rid of dead cell and birth to new skin.

These tips and tricks shouldn’t take too much of your time!

Treating Oily Skin

Happy Friday friends! Today I am not going to explain very much, because I have provided a very helpful clip that will explain in detail how to treat your oily skin using simple ingredients that can be found at home and/or the items that are inexpensive and found almost in all grocery stores.

I would like to thank Healing Power Hour for the such informative video clip on treating oily skin. Please take sometime to go through the clip. If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to post ’em.

Vaseline Miracle Lip Remedy

I have previously posted 2 Lips Care:

In this post I would like to share a valuable home remedy that works like a miracle for chapped and dry lips for men and women: Vaseline.

I know many of you will think I am nuts, but Vaseline contains petroleum jelly, a crucial ingredient that helps smooth our lips and bring color. Vaseline has been used for over centuries for lip care and in many parts of the world such as India and China rely heavily on Vaseline for the facial and lip care.

I understand there have been many different positive and negative facts floating around, but I would highly recommend that you choose for yourself. Vaseline has it own website on Wikipedia (already hyperlink for you), please feel free to cnsult that and do some research, if you feel uncomfortable using Vaseline.

Vaseline not too expensive and can be used for treating many facial cures, which I will definitely share with you.

Chill Henna

Hey guys in my previous posts I had mentioned henna, which is popularly used for hair and (temporary) body tattoo.  One important piece of information I forgot to let you know is if you try at home, the product itself is cold, I mean really cold of scalp and body, be prepared. I usually put henna on my hands in summertime, because of its chilly temp.

If you go in a salon and get henna application for hair/body then it is not too cold. I didn’t want to surprise you guys. If you want more information on henna, feel free to send me email.

I found this simple ingredient clip for henna lovers:

How to make perfect Henna for men and women(For hair)


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