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Prevent Split Ends

As per our last post, Healthy Hair for Men and Women-Split Ends, we discussed if you go through split ends, what steps to take. Now here we will go in detail how to prevent from getting split ends in the first place!

Our daily hair routine may cause unknown damage to our hair without us realizing that!

  • By being too harsh/careless can contribute to the problem.
  • Chemicals in bath/ pool water
  • Doing perm and hair dye  all use different chemicals
  • Shampoos and Conditioners too are full of chemicals

The combination of all substances and chemicals are deadly to our health, body, and hair. So let us try to stay away from such as much as possible; we are not saying completely stop using any of the listed above products, but putting a limit of the usage is good idea:)

Protecting our hair from exposure to water in various forms such as: swimming pools, oceans or lakes can also be helpful. Best way to go about doing that is wear a cap and/or once you are out of the pool, immediately wash your hair in fresh water.

Using shampoo and conditioner should be appropriate for your hair type. We all know there is one universal product that works for all. Remember is it extremely important how and number of times you wash your hair.

Our hair, no matter how strong they can be, still manage to break easily when we brush/comb them. Knowing that, it is better to brush/comb our hair when they are dry. When there is a tangle in the hair, don’t yank the tangle or fight with it, instead slowly untangle the part of the hair with our fingers and then slowly brush/comb that part of the hair.


Healthy Hair for Men and Women-Split Ends

Do you guys remember we discussed split ends in Simple Steps for Long Hair, but now we are going to take one step further. In this post we are going to cover Healthy Hair for Men and Women-Split Ends.


Healthy Hair for Men and Women-Split Ends by Diverse Beauty

Split ends is one of many problems faced by individuals who have long hair (men and women) and improper can can damage hair.

  • Harsh Drying
  • Quick Brushing/Combing
  • Exposure to Chemicals/Environment
  • Rough Washing
  • Weather Changes

These are just few examples, but there are various ways our hair can get damaged and grow brittle. So we have decided to focus next on how to grow healthy hair by changing few ways we go with our daily lives and habits.

Today we are going to speak about split ends and ways to treat, remove and prevent them. Please keep in mind there is no one name of any magical product! Also remember that each individual has different characteristic and each hair growth/treatment is different and have different reactions.

When faced with split ends:

  • Get your hair cut on the regular basis—every six to eight weeks.
  • Trust your a professional hairdresser—please do not try to do it yourself
  • Try to trim damaged ends only—about 1/4″ above the split of a single strand

In our next post we will discuss and explain Prevention of Split Ends!

Shampoo Word Origin

This morning as I turned on the computer and went to Yahoo and found this clip and I knew I had to share with you. It’s a clip of how the word “Shampoo” came to be.

Visit the link and enjoy:)


Simple Steps for Long Hair

This holiday season, one question I was frequently asked by my family and friends, which I thought it would be good to share with you, my readers-“How to grow my hair long?”
There are many ways one can grow their hair using vitamins, chemicals, and/or artificial aspects, but I would like to share some natural ways to grow your hair long for both men and women.
  • Healthy DietOur body works on what we consume and drink, it is extremely important to understand that. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water can provide necessary nutritious for the body.
  • Exercise-Since our hair grows directly from our body, we have to take care or treat well.
  • Trim Regularly-It is important to understand our hair grows bad really fast and getting rid of split ends and other dead hair is important for new healthy hair to grow.
  • For Dry Hair use Moisturize Products– I personally use hair oil to moisurize my hair, but one can find variety of products in hair aisle.  
  • Don’t overwork-Don’t touch your hair frequently and/or brush/comb too much, otherwise it creates hair breakage.
  • Take Care of Hair-Don’t use too much heat, chemicals, or other such products in your hair. Mixing unnecessary products in your hair may and can create hair damage and breakage.
  • Use Warm Water-Don’t use hot water to wash your hair, instead go for warm water and to condition use cool/cold water.
  • Don’t Stress-If one worries/stresses a lot, it creates our body to overwork and that can damage hair as well.

Hope this helps, because I use them and it has helped me and many others. Good Luck!

Beauty of Oily Skin

Oily Skin-Diverse Beauty

Oily Skin-Diverse Beauty

Ok, in my last post, “Define Oily Skin,” we defined what oily skin is, now I would like to share the positive of having oily skin. I understand it is hard to understand there is a positive side of having oily skin, but I assure you, just like everything it has two sides; good and bad, same can be stated true for oily skin. 

Oily skin helps and protects our skin from environmental challenges such as air, cold, sand, sun, water, warm, hot, foods and drinks we consume, etc. It protects our health and fights with bacteria all around and inside us.

Just imagine if we didn’t have such protection, we would constantly be sick and immune to everything, but because of the oily skin, we are able to fight dehydration, irritation and sensitivity. Our hair can become extremely brittle, dull and easily to break.

Now understanding the good side of oily skin, let us look at the negative side of oily skin in our next post!


Aid for Bleached Hair

Bleaching your hair most likely will cause some kind of damage, especially if you are bleaching your hair at home and not in salon. Severe damage to the cuticle; specifically designed to protect the cortex (place on our scalp where our natural hair color rests), may result from over bleaching.  This can cause our hair to be lifeless, stiff, and extremely dry.  Worst case the hair breakage can and may occur from the root area.

Here are few steps to take to repair the damage done to your hair by bleach:

  • Limit the number shampoo use on weekly-it provides time to accumulate natural hair oils.
  • Use moisturizing shampoo-this can give your hair the necessary oils to the hair.
  • Use warm water and NOT hot water-damaged hair needs natural hair oils, hot water tends to burn the necessary oils.
  • Rinse hair completely.
  • Apply conditioner especially if it is specifically designed for treating damaged hair.
  • Leaving the conditioner on your hair for at least 20-30 minutes-this provides the necessary oils to react.
  • Final rinse should always be with cool/cold water-it seals newly moisture back into our scalp.
  • Avoid using any kind of hot styling/drying tools-damaged hair does not need heat but cool, air dry your air.
  • Change your diet, if necessary to include oils such as olive and/or vegetable oils.
  • Use combs for brushing your hair not hair brush until the hair is completely repaired, also don’t comb/brush your hair while it is wet, it cause breakage.
  •  Don’t add any more chemicals to damaged hair, it can cause additional damage.
  • Drink tons of water and don’t take too much stress.
  • If the damage does not improve after a month or you can allergy reaction, please contact your professional hair salon. 

Interesting Hair Facts

Interesting facts about hair, I thought I share with you!


  • Human hair grows about 6 inches per year.
  • Hair grows faster in summer than in winter. 
  • American men’s home hair-color sales increasing over the years.
  • It is estimated that 75% of American women color their hair.
  • The only cure for split ends is a trim.
  • Blondes typically have the most hair.

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