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Eating Habit can be Beauty or Ugly

Let us continue with our remedies that were emailed to us by you for compilation. In our previous post, we shared Home Remedies for Blackheads and now we will continue with pimples. Before we begin with home remedies for pimples, we want to remind you that it is extremely what one eats.

Good idea to eat

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat variety of fresh fruits
  • Go for plenty of veggies
  • Going for good amount of grains for healthy and balance diet
  • Corns, sunflowers, and safflowers are known for therapeutic properties for curing as well as preventing pimples
Eating Habit can be Beauty or Ugly by Diverse Beauty

Eating Habit can be Beauty or Ugly by Diverse Beauty

Staying far from and/or limiting intake

  • Staying far from fat and oily foods
  • Caffeinated and sugary products are harmful
  • Junk food

Diverse Beauty Winter 2012 Tips

Ok, it is snowing and it is extremely cold and worrying about how we look is not our top priority correct?

I really hope you stopped before answering this question and gave some thought. I will share few tips regarding winter beauty and I assure you it will not take much of your time, and most of all it would make you look beautiful!

Diverse Beauty Winter 2012 Tips:

  • Drink water-I know I seem to be repeating that a lot, but it is very true. In wintertime, we don’t really feel thirsty and we end up drinking very less amount of water. Drinking plenty of water helps smooth our skin and provide “life” to it.
  • Turn on the humidifier. Our skin becomes really dry quite fast, especially with the harsh winds and chills that are in the air. Our face needs moisturized air that is consistent and soothing.
  • Don’t stop using sunscreen because summer is gone. Sun doesn’t disappear in wintertime, so neither should our sunscreen. I use SPF 15 sunscreen in winter, because it protects the skin from sun rays.
  • Clean your face on daily basis, if you have extremely dry face, I would urge you to use face mask (which I will be providing various options and ways in my upcoming posts) that would help get rid of dead cell and birth to new skin.

These tips and tricks shouldn’t take too much of your time!

Cleansing Whiteheads

We defined Whiteheads, but now the main question is how to prevent and/or treat Whiteheads right? Well, let us look at that now!

  • Avoid harsh soaps
  • Stay away from too many chemical based creams
  • Moisturizers/Lotions that are old/expired throw them out
  • Stop using old and/or shared make-up
  • Become familiar with your own skin-tone/oily/dry
  • Use Natural make up
  • Use appropriate facial cleaning products for your face
  • Steam your face to clean all the oils and pores

Never try to squeeze whitehead, it can create further damage, best to go to your dermatologist.

Hide from Blackheads

Preventing Blackheads is tricky and hard work, but it is not impossible.

Here are few steps one can take avoid:

  • Harsh soaps
  • Too many chemical based creams
  • Moisturizers that are too sticky
  • Old/expired lotions


  • Acknowledge and understand skin type-tone/oily/dry
  • Use Natural make up
Preventing Blackheads by Diverse beauty

Preventing Blackheads by Diverse Beauty

Stubborn Blackheads

First and foremost I would like to wish each and everyone of you Happy First Friday of 2012! Hope your New Year is going well.

Today its time to cover Blackheads from our previous post, Beauty Sleep. Let us first define what it means when we state Blackheads.

Blackheads are a type of acne, they are basically a dark black spot. They can and may appear in any part of our face and body. Blackheads are often recurring and will appear mostly on our nose, ears, chin, around lips, mouth corner, chest and/or back. They usually, but not very time, occur in groups (more then one at a time) stubborn.

Next time, I’ll share how to prevent getting them and later will share how to treat them!

Beauty Sleep

Hi there,

How was your Christmas? Mine was good; whole family was together, which was special in itself. Though it felt quite weird for many people this year there was no snow or very light snow and I say bless be for that. I know many of my friends were disappointed there was no or very little snow, but sometimes its good to have a Christmas without freezing cold, don’;t you agree?

Well I want to share something that I realized many men and women don’t understand and/or realize that before sleeping one should wash all their facial make up from their face. Sleeping with face on the make up can create:

  • Oily skin/oils and chemicals go inside deeprer in the skin
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads/White heads
  • Breakouts/Zits
  • Skin gets saggy
  • Reds get red, especially with eye make up

These are just few negative side effects that I have listed above, so please don’t sleep with your make up, wash your face before sleeping, that goes for both men and women.

Vaseline Miracle Lip Remedy

I have previously posted 2 Lips Care:

In this post I would like to share a valuable home remedy that works like a miracle for chapped and dry lips for men and women: Vaseline.

I know many of you will think I am nuts, but Vaseline contains petroleum jelly, a crucial ingredient that helps smooth our lips and bring color. Vaseline has been used for over centuries for lip care and in many parts of the world such as India and China rely heavily on Vaseline for the facial and lip care.

I understand there have been many different positive and negative facts floating around, but I would highly recommend that you choose for yourself. Vaseline has it own website on Wikipedia (already hyperlink for you), please feel free to cnsult that and do some research, if you feel uncomfortable using Vaseline.

Vaseline not too expensive and can be used for treating many facial cures, which I will definitely share with you.

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