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Good Afternoon,

We are receiving positive feedback yet there are also some hesitate comments stating where do we get our information from? What citation we use?

We use many sources such as:

  • WikipediaInformation of Diverse Beauty
  • Online Websites
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Personal Experience

When we do research on certain topic(s) and we see something we would like to share, we make sure that we do proper research by using multiple sources.

If you still hesitate trusting our research, please do take some time to do some of your own research!

Thank you once again for vising us:) Have a wonderful day!


Bad Breath Remedies

In our previous posts, we shared the reasoning behind bad breath and treating that.  While we were researching the topic of bad breath, we came across simple remedies that can provide positive results and help get rid of bad breath.

  • Drinking warm tea can help your mouth get rid of unnecessary distaste and also provide “mouthwash” at the same time.
  • Eating parsley brings pepperminty breath and cleanse the yukky smell inside our mouth
  • Drinking water frequently cleanse our mouth from germs and bacteria
  • Home Spices are inexpensive ways to save and get good breath. Best spices to chew on are cloves, fennel, or anise seeds

These are few ways to to save and use to get rid of bad breath! If you don’t believe us, try for yourself!

Bad Breath Remedies by Diverse Beauty

Bad Breath Remedies by Diverse Beauty

Good Bye Bad Breath

In our previous post, we shared the reasoning behind bad breath now let us look how to treat that.

It is really simple, we just need to make few adjustments in our daily lives that can quickly cure bad breath.

  • Always have a mint candy/gum handy- popping in your mouth right after eating will be extremely helpful
  • Limit/Stop smoking, alcohol drinking, and tobacco use
  • Use mouth wash whenever possible
  • Time to take advantage of your floss to get rid of the food that may be stuck in your teeth and gums
  • Take time to brush your teeth and brush twice a day or more, if needed
  • Skip foods that have strong scent such as onions and garlic
  • Drinking lots of water can also provide positive results

If you are still having trouble of getting rid of bad breath, then please be assured it is time to visit your doctor, but before taking that path, try the above tips!

Will share home remedies for bad breath-Be on a lookout:)

Why Bad Breath

Hope everyone’s Valentines Day went well and full of romance! Well back to reality right? I realized I should have covered my next topic earlier but because of many things on my plate, unfortunately didn’t get around posting it. Well it is never too late right?

Have you ever felt sometimes because lack of food, or eating certain foods and beverages, or when you just don’t feel well, you smell something awful…bad breath! It creates awkwardness for you and also for the individual(s) who is/are around you. Well let me assure you as you are not the only one facing this challenge.

If you or someone you know is facing bad breath situation, here we will discuss the reasoning behind it, how to acknowledge, and finally treat it.

Let us start immediately explaining the reasoning behind bad breath:

  • Improper oral hygiene
  • Not taking care of your teeth and gums
  • Foods
  • Alcoholic products
  • Tobacco
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Smoking

Well we listed few reasons behind bad breath, in our next post we would like to share the treatments. We would also like to illustrate basic etiquette behavior and words to inform individual(s) who have/are facing bad breath.

It is extremely important to let people know, especially if you are working with them and care about them, because many times when we ignore such symptoms believing it would hurt the our loved ones, we are basically putting them in danger. Sometimes simple things can lead of life threatening disease/illness.

Have a great day!

To all the Lovers and Hopeful Lovers,

Happy Valentines Day to you and to your better half. I hope and wish this is not the only day you love each other, but this day you pamper each other and love each forever.

Doing anything special? Please do share with us. Oh one more thing, don’t forget to send email or comment about your Valentine Beauty Tip, we are compiling them and will publish them in March!

I would like to share the names of, my all time favs, most memorable and romantic lovers here:

  • Laila Majnu
  • Romeo Juliet
  • Heer Ranja
  • Shah Jahan and Anjuman Begum (Mumtaz)
Lovers Destination by Diverse Beauty

Lovers Destination by Diverse Beauty

Who is your fav romantic couple?  Which is your fav lovers destination? Do share!

Valentine Beauty 101

Hi guys, sorry for not posting, have become quiet hectic, not only with work but with two projects.

One project is we are trying to launch a store. That way, you will be able to see what we use and you can purchase within minutes without leaving the comfy of your house.

Another project we are working is getting into media. Yes, you read it correct. We are trying to get ourselves situated in media, will keep you informed on our statuses!

How is it going with you? Ready for Valentines? Just few beauty tips we would like to share with you:

  • Don’t be afraid to wear make up, since now you know it is important to wash them of before going to sleep
  • Get your nails done, remember it is important not to use your nails as working tools, but as beauty symbol
  • Forget soda/pop and go for water, whether it is a date or party
  • Skip on red colors and go for bold colors, so in this wintery/cold Feb you skin tones stands out

Well that is about it for today, don’t forget us and to visit us as we continue our Diverse Beauty journey!

We want to inform you we finally made 100 blog posts!

We would like to thank you for all your help, questions, motivational comments/feedback, and emails.

Please continue to provide feedback/comments! It is really helpful.

What would you like to see more information on? Please do let us know

Diverse Beauty 100th Blog Post

Diverse Beauty 100th Blog Post

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