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Ugly Dark Circle Eyes Transform into Beauty

In our previous post, Causes for Dark Circles Under Eyes, we described the causes and in Hidden Truth about Dark Circles Under Eyes, defined, now finally we will be discussing treatment and how you can try to rid of those dark circles or at least lighten to your skin tone.

If you want to try to take care of dark circles under your eyes by yourself at home here are few options to go for:

  • Freezing: Try a cold ice, frozen spoon, cold used teabag, or a bag frozen peas, wrap the item (one product at a time) in a  soft cloth or handkerchief and put it under your eyes to temporarily reduce dilated and discoloration.
  • Cushion Sleep. Instead of using only one pillow when sleeping, try to get two or more, that can help prevent puffiness under lower eyelids.
  • Snooze. Many times it is good idea to sleep in and get refreshed sleep. It can help the whole body relax and function properly.
  • Summer Blast. During summer months it is really good idea to use sunscreen lotion and going for sunglasses. Go easy on your eyes with all the light and heat!
  • Over the Counter. it you have a cold, use the nasal congestion medication over the counter and/or prescribed by your doctor, that can help clear the puffiness of your eyes.
  • Make Up. There are over hundreds of skin creams and lotions to cover the dark circles. I would highly suggest researching the ingredients of the product before trying on your skin, due to allergy reaction.
  • Magic. I am not kidding the right color concealer can do the trick! Avoid scented products due to allergy reactions.

Now give it a try and let us know!!!


Beauty Myths vs. Reality

We all want to be good looking, handsome, and beautiful in our daily lives. Many times throughout our lives we pay more money then necessary in order to look beautiful/handsome and yet nothing changes. No miracle comes to our way to make us look “HOT” instead we may end up looking worse (cause of allergy reactions) and/or looking like a fool (wasted time/money).

Why do we do and behave such ways? Why do we follow Beauty Myths? How can we know the differences between myths and reality?

I am going to share Beauty Myths.

Stay tuned!

Cure for Pimples

There are number of ways to treat pimples-some are chemical based and some are natural. I rely heavily, if you noticed, away from artificial and chemical based products as much as possible, because I have a sensitive skin.

Let me share some ways that you can treat pimples:

  • Wash you hands and face periodically, especially if you work outside.
  • Exercise
  • Eat lots of veggies, especially green veggies
  • Stay away from fry foods/oily foods
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Wash your face with warm water before sleeping and after getting up
  • Tea Tree Oil-a therapeutic herb that is frequently used for anti bacterial reasons
  • No Itching or touching pimple area(s)
  • Soak with pimple area, especially too itchy with warm water, for short time

It will take time to heal, but it will heal. Continue with your routine of eating healthy foods and staying away from chemical based products, because they may cause allergy reactions that can cause pimples.

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