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Breakouts 101

Now let us explore the topic of Breakouts, per the Beauty Sleep post.

Breakout is a rash that can and may happen (mostly) immediately after you use certain products. It is mostly an allergic reaction to the usage of product that reacts.

In order to treat the breakout best to do it:

  • Leave the breakout spot alone-Keep fingers/hands off your face
  • Wash the breakout spot with Soap and Water-No perfumed soaps
  • Use a toner that is completely alcohol free
  • Limit the usage of Cologne/Perfume-do not use on/around the breakout spot
  • Blot off the extra oil of your food, if necessary-it does wonder!
  • Limit/decrease and/or stop eating friend foods
  • Add veggies, especially greens to your diet
  • Exercise-try to stay relax and stress free
  • Limit activities that you know you will touch your face-i.e. playing games/watching movie time
  • Stop drinking pops/sodas- Strictly water

If none of these steps work, please see our next post.  Our next post will provide the alternate steps to take. Keep posted!


Bad Side of Oily Skin

We looked at the, “Beauty of Oily Skin,” now it is time to see the negative side of having oily skin. 

Oily skin can and may cause a negative effect on personal self-esteem, body image, and most of all beauty. Being covered with greasiness and being oily:

  • Challenging to find right products to use
  • Constantly stressed with acne and breakouts
  • Worried about food/beverages to consume
  • Uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Frequently wash your hands/face

If you are an individual, who has oily skin, you know the challenges that you face on daily basis and it is not fair for you to go through that. I would like to take some time now and keep you posted how to treat oily skin or at least provide you tips on how to decrease oily skin.

Oily Skin in Men-Diverse Beauty

Oily Skin in Men-Diverse Beauty

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