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Work Christmas/Holiday Party 2011

Before I begin, I would love to thank you so much for taking time to stop at Diverse Beauty and providing positive comments. When I logged in and saw many positive comments, I couldn’t believe it. I was really shocked and happy. Thank you

Remember I told you I was going to go to work  Christmas/Holiday Party, I had a blast. It was super nice, we had gifts (I got ipod) and the food was so tasty, and everyone was dressed up, it was completely wonderful!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Christmas Holiday Santa Hat 2011 at Diverse Beauty

Christmas Holiday Santa Hat 2011 at Diverse Beauty


Christmas Holiday 2011 Party

Hi there guys, I wanted to update you what is going in my life! Actually, to say the least, it has been quite boring except working this whole week. I am happy since I am getting the hours at work, it is good thing right?

Coming Sunday, I will not be able to post anything, because right after work I will be attending Christmas/Holiday party. I am excited for the break and getting into party mode! Will you be attending or hosting Christmas/Holiday party thing year?

Many of us are on Facebook right? Doesn’t it get annoying when people tell us what to call Christmas or Holiday? I mean technically it is called Christmas, but if someone wants it to call it Holiday, I believe that should be fine too. Why argue on such small matters? Think about it, you say potato, I say potaaato, don’t you agree? It means the same thing;-)

After all we all we live in diverse society and now we need to accept the reality!

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