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Causes for Dark Circles Under Eyes

In my post, Hidden Truth about Dark Circles Under Eyes, we defined the basics, now let us look at the cause of that.

  • Aging—getting older is natural but not taking care of yourself can cause large amount of darker circles under your eyes
  • Allergies—yes having allergies can also create dark circles
  • Genetics—unfortunately many times dark circles under our eyes can be a gift from our genetics, especially if they start in young age
  • Stress—this abuses our body and can cause such damage
  • Smoking/Alcohol—that too can increase dark circles
  • Weight Changes—gaining and/or losing too much weight can effect dark circles

These are just few ways that can create dark circles under our eyes. Try to understand why you are getting dark circles under your eyes and then let us explore the treatments next!


Hidden Truth about Dark Circles Under Eyes

What do you think that ages you most (men and women)?

You may have answered wrinkles or gray hair, I assume. I also used to think and believe that, but believe it or not, it is dark circles under our eyes!

There have been research by many profit and non profit organizations:

  • Hospitals— Mayo Clinic
  • Mega cosmetic industries—Olay
  • Online medical research—Webmd

Dark circles under eyes aren’t a sign of tiredness, exhaustion, or any serious illness, they can and do make us feel really old.

Dark circles under eyes affect both genders-men and women and even though many times these circles appear in adulthood, but don’t be fooled, because young children and teenagers can develop dark circles under their eyes pretty fast.

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