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MLK 2012 from Diverse Beauty

Happy Martin Luther King Day from Diverse Beauty!

How was your holiday? Did you get off from school/work? I didn’t, I was at work whole day, it was really good and the day flew by!

Let us not forget one man who made diversity possible, without him diversity may have not become what it is today and unfortunately we take it for granted!

I just came from work and wanted to wish each and all of you Happy MLK Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Day from Diverse Beauty

Happy Martin Luther King Day 2012 from Diverse Beauty


Skin Tones

I want to share different kinds of skin tones are out there, not only white, brown, or black! Keep in mind with diversity comes challenges but also comes true beauty!


Diversity Beauty

According to this figure there are 24 shades. When you take a close look, I would not be surprised if you consider yourself in multiple tones, because I know I see myself between top 4-5 right hand side skin tones, especially it would depend on my mood and weather! What about you?

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