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How to Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

Please take some time to view this clip, which I found that explains how to avoid dry skin this winter. I found it very interesting, as the Doc explains in depth. It may answer many of your questions and help you lead a healthy skin this winter. Let me know what you think!



Diverse Computer Graphics and Beauty of Technology

When you turn on TV and/or watch a movie, we see people with no blackheads, dry skin, pimples, freckles, scars, and etc right? The way technology has increased and the usage is unbelievable. Let us take a look at the latest movie, which I saw and it clearly surprised me. Recently, I watch Twilight Breaking Dawn P.1 and the make up with added technology completely changed the actual look of Kristin Stewart. When I saw the article in Yahoo, she looked like a normal person with tired looking eyes, hair blowing in all directions, light lipstick, and etc, but in the movie, completely different look.

When we see the individual as a character, we tend to find flaws in ourselves and don’t realize that we shouldn’t find flaws and mistakes in ourselves, but rather remember its the work of technology that we see, not the reality.

I am going to take the next step of discussing make up and how to correctly apply make up. In my next posts, I will also share what products I use.

Happy Reading and stay tuned! Got to run to work now, have a great day.

Diverse Beauty suffers Dry Skin

Did you know many celebrities faces dry skin dilemma just like us?

Courtney Cox faces dry skin

Sushmita Sen faces dry skin

Dry Skin Effects

In previous post, Wintertime Dry Skin, I described what is dry skin. In this post, I would like to explain what dry skin can do to us.

Dry skin produces itching that may and can be severe. The itching itself can stop us from sleeping, concentrating, and many other daily activities. Our human instinct is if we itch, we scratch the spot/part of the body without thinking right? When there is dry skin, rubbing or scratching can create rough patches of skin.

The effect of scratching creates skin to crack, especially in common areas such as hands and feet.Also it may create red spots, which can hurt/burn. When dry skin becomes extremely severe, yellow crusts/pus may appear because of a bacterial infection is developing. When this occurs, please contact your doctor or dermatologist.

You may wondering, will I get dry skin every winter? The answer is no, it is common to get dry skin in winter, but how severe it becomes it is upto you. Dry skin results when there is not enough water in the outer part of our skin to function properly.

Since in winter time, we tend to bundle up, wear multi-layer of clothes, and make sure we stay warm from the cold, we make our skin “dry” since there is no air that freely seeps in and out from our clothing, unlike in summer time.

in my next post I’ll share how to treat dry skin and later I also want to provide what I use, so if you do want them for your beauty care that is also an open option for you!

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