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Healthy Trend or Buzzword

If you reside in America, then you have probably noticed that since last few years there have been many individuals and organizations that have basically jumped on board with “healthy habits” or “healthy choices” and including politicians.

I would like to ask them, where was all this “healthy choices” talk, back when we really were in need of it. Don’t you think if parents were aware of “healthy food choices,” then the kids wouldn’t have been considered obese/fat.

Either ways it seems finally”healthy vs non healthy choices,”  attracted everyone’s attention! Nowadays when we turn on tv, radio, or net, we see ads/stories regarding to eat healthy, workout, and etc. Like today, I woke up and turned on the computer; the first think I saw was, “Michelle Obama helps break world record for jumping jacks.”

What to say now huh? Healthy Trend or is it Buzzword?


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