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Weight Watchers Advice

Today while I was at work, I came across a newspaper article that was quite interesting. It was Chicago Tribune and the article was from Weight Watchers. It is quite challenging for people to watch their weight during holiday time, which I am sure you knew that. We all feel that it is time to eat and let everything go, but this article stated few ideas that can help us not to scarf food and overeat:

  • Take a small plate, instead of normal sized or big plates
  • Replace the ingredients if possible to more healthy ingredients such as instead of white bread go for wheat bread
  • Eat what you more desire and skip the food you don’t want to eat.
  • Instead of taking naps or watching tv, take a walk and/or strolls, (the weather seems to be beautiful, hope it stays that way!)

When I was reading this article, I thought of sharing. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is already here!

***Happy and Safe Thanksgiving from Diverse Beauty***


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