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Diverse Computer Graphics and Beauty of Technology

When you turn on TV and/or watch a movie, we see people with no blackheads, dry skin, pimples, freckles, scars, and etc right? The way technology has increased and the usage is unbelievable. Let us take a look at the latest movie, which I saw and it clearly surprised me. Recently, I watch Twilight Breaking Dawn P.1 and the make up with added technology completely changed the actual look of Kristin Stewart. When I saw the article in Yahoo, she looked like a normal person with tired looking eyes, hair blowing in all directions, light lipstick, and etc, but in the movie, completely different look.

When we see the individual as a character, we tend to find flaws in ourselves and don’t realize that we shouldn’t find flaws and mistakes in ourselves, but rather remember its the work of technology that we see, not the reality.

I am going to take the next step of discussing make up and how to correctly apply make up. In my next posts, I will also share what products I use.

Happy Reading and stay tuned! Got to run to work now, have a great day.


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