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Winter Dry Kiss

During this time of the year, my lips become scratchy and really itchy. They burn and hurt a lot, I thought many people face similar situation, of dry, chapped, and/or cracked lips so I thought why not research on it.

Dry/Chapped Lips

Lips tend to dry out, especially during this time of the year (wintertime). Try to keep your lips covered with a good lip balm and apply several times during the day. Avoid licking and biting dry part of lips, it can create lips sores. 

To keep away from winter dry lips (kiss) try these few tricks:

  • Lip balms with an SPF 15 are best to go for
  • Warm sesame oil will also soothe your lips
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Break the habit of biting lips (if you have this habit)

For individuals who are outside most of the time, I would highly recommend that you guys use lip balm with spf and moisturizer (a bit pricey, but investing in health goes long ways!)

Cracked Lips

Lips don’t and can’t produce oil like our skin does so there is no oil. Cracked lips are the result of allergic reaction to food or cosmetics, and/or exposure to extreme weather.

For cracked lips, take precaution and apply Vaseline to heal faster.

Otherwise, please see your doctor/physician.

Don’t forget to keep smiling and your smile will shine those smooth lips!

Diverse Beauty Smile

Diverse Beauty Smile


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