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Soap Can Harm Your Beauty

Many people (men and women) hesitate to use soap on their skin, since:certain companies used animal fats and vegetable oils in their soaps to make it “look beautiful.”

Now that aspect has completely changed, soap industries have listened to their users concerns and have adapted different way of making the product, which is more healthy to skin.

Reality, currently you would be able to find variety of options of soaps to use. Go for milder and moisturizers soaps, which doesn’t dry your skin but provides cleaning beauty.


Chill Henna

Hey guys in my previous posts I had mentioned henna, which is popularly used for hair and (temporary) body tattoo.  One important piece of information I forgot to let you know is if you try at home, the product itself is cold, I mean really cold of scalp and body, be prepared. I usually put henna on my hands in summertime, because of its chilly temp.

If you go in a salon and get henna application for hair/body then it is not too cold. I didn’t want to surprise you guys. If you want more information on henna, feel free to send me email.

I found this simple ingredient clip for henna lovers:

How to make perfect Henna for men and women(For hair)


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