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Soap Can Harm Your Beauty

Many people (men and women) hesitate to use soap on their skin, since:certain companies used animal fats and vegetable oils in their soaps to make it “look beautiful.”

Now that aspect has completely changed, soap industries have listened to their users concerns and have adapted different way of making the product, which is more healthy to skin.

Reality, currently you would be able to find variety of options of soaps to use. Go for milder and moisturizers soaps, which doesn’t dry your skin but provides cleaning beauty.


Old or Young, Your Choice

We covered almost all the points that are listed in Beauty Sleep, we have few more and then you guys should understand the importance of washing the make up and all chemicals before going to sleep. Now we are on “Saggy/Old Skin.”

Our skin goes through a lot of challenges on daily basis:

  • Weather/temperature changes
  • Environment differences-air changes
  • Touching-we keep touching and so do other people (hugging, kissing, etc)
  • Chemicals-Soaps/Toners/Moisturizers
  • Various number of make up products used

With these listed items and many more that touch our skin, imagine how harsh the conditions our skin faces. If we don’t take care of our skin, it would eventually become saggy/old.

Taking care of our skin keeps us young, healthy, and beautiful!

Cleansing Whiteheads

We defined Whiteheads, but now the main question is how to prevent and/or treat Whiteheads right? Well, let us look at that now!

  • Avoid harsh soaps
  • Stay away from too many chemical based creams
  • Moisturizers/Lotions that are old/expired throw them out
  • Stop using old and/or shared make-up
  • Become familiar with your own skin-tone/oily/dry
  • Use Natural make up
  • Use appropriate facial cleaning products for your face
  • Steam your face to clean all the oils and pores

Never try to squeeze whitehead, it can create further damage, best to go to your dermatologist.

Hide from Blackheads

Preventing Blackheads is tricky and hard work, but it is not impossible.

Here are few steps one can take avoid:

  • Harsh soaps
  • Too many chemical based creams
  • Moisturizers that are too sticky
  • Old/expired lotions


  • Acknowledge and understand skin type-tone/oily/dry
  • Use Natural make up
Preventing Blackheads by Diverse beauty

Preventing Blackheads by Diverse Beauty

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