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Treating Oily Skin

Happy Friday friends! Today I am not going to explain very much, because I have provided a very helpful clip that will explain in detail how to treat your oily skin using simple ingredients that can be found at home and/or the items that are inexpensive and found almost in all grocery stores.

I would like to thank Healing Power Hour for the such informative video clip on treating oily skin. Please take sometime to go through the clip. If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to post ’em.


Beauty of Oily Skin

Oily Skin-Diverse Beauty

Oily Skin-Diverse Beauty

Ok, in my last post, “Define Oily Skin,” we defined what oily skin is, now I would like to share the positive of having oily skin. I understand it is hard to understand there is a positive side of having oily skin, but I assure you, just like everything it has two sides; good and bad, same can be stated true for oily skin. 

Oily skin helps and protects our skin from environmental challenges such as air, cold, sand, sun, water, warm, hot, foods and drinks we consume, etc. It protects our health and fights with bacteria all around and inside us.

Just imagine if we didn’t have such protection, we would constantly be sick and immune to everything, but because of the oily skin, we are able to fight dehydration, irritation and sensitivity. Our hair can become extremely brittle, dull and easily to break.

Now understanding the good side of oily skin, let us look at the negative side of oily skin in our next post!


Define Oily Skin

In the post, “Beauty Sleep,” I had mentioned various negative side effects. I want to take some time now to take each point and define. I understand you guys can easily look up on Wikipedia, but not many times the information is accurate.

Let us first define oily skin, simple known as  greasy and shiny skin. For my medical friends, you may be familiar with the term sebum (skin oils) to be viewed as negative in the society yet we don’t realize many times every thing has both sides; positive and negative.

Since our skin and hair are touching each other they work along with each other-oils in our hair don’t have anywhere to go, so they do deep inside our skin and depending how one takes care of his/her facial, they may and can face pores that are basically made of oils as this is one of the ways to escape and make new oils. 

Next I’ll be discussing positives and negatives of oily skins. Later I would like to illustrate how to take care of your facial, so one can understand the importance of treating oily skin.

Beauty Sleep

Hi there,

How was your Christmas? Mine was good; whole family was together, which was special in itself. Though it felt quite weird for many people this year there was no snow or very light snow and I say bless be for that. I know many of my friends were disappointed there was no or very little snow, but sometimes its good to have a Christmas without freezing cold, don’;t you agree?

Well I want to share something that I realized many men and women don’t understand and/or realize that before sleeping one should wash all their facial make up from their face. Sleeping with face on the make up can create:

  • Oily skin/oils and chemicals go inside deeprer in the skin
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads/White heads
  • Breakouts/Zits
  • Skin gets saggy
  • Reds get red, especially with eye make up

These are just few negative side effects that I have listed above, so please don’t sleep with your make up, wash your face before sleeping, that goes for both men and women.

Men Celebrities with Dry Skin

Did you know there are many celebrities (men and women) that endorse beauty products that do use them.

Many famous men celebrities don’t get healthy skin overnight, but they work hard at it and use products that can get rid of dry and/or oily skin.

Here is one famous example:

Australian cricketer Shane W

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