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Define Oily Skin

In the post, “Beauty Sleep,” I had mentioned various negative side effects. I want to take some time now to take each point and define. I understand you guys can easily look up on Wikipedia, but not many times the information is accurate.

Let us first define oily skin, simple known as  greasy and shiny skin. For my medical friends, you may be familiar with the term sebum (skin oils) to be viewed as negative in the society yet we don’t realize many times every thing has both sides; positive and negative.

Since our skin and hair are touching each other they work along with each other-oils in our hair don’t have anywhere to go, so they do deep inside our skin and depending how one takes care of his/her facial, they may and can face pores that are basically made of oils as this is one of the ways to escape and make new oils. 

Next I’ll be discussing positives and negatives of oily skins. Later I would like to illustrate how to take care of your facial, so one can understand the importance of treating oily skin.


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