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Masculine vs. Fiminene

I want to inform you guys, my readers, I am going to try my best to make this blog universal; both of men and women. My posts are not only going to be one sided, and if you see it is one sided, please feel free to let me know via email and/or comments.

The term beauty has always been upon women, and my friends we know that is not true or right. Men too have to look good and handsome. Even though women always are told to look good and their outer beauty will shine just like their inner beauty, now the same statement can be true for men too.

Turn on TV and see for yourself. There are guys in shows and ads that (almost) all are working out. See their 6 packs, their manicured nails, and cleanliness that shines.

This is a HUGE difference from last few generations. Guys are working hard(er) to their counterparts to look good and healthy!


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