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Bad Side of Oily Skin

We looked at the, “Beauty of Oily Skin,” now it is time to see the negative side of having oily skin. 

Oily skin can and may cause a negative effect on personal self-esteem, body image, and most of all beauty. Being covered with greasiness and being oily:

  • Challenging to find right products to use
  • Constantly stressed with acne and breakouts
  • Worried about food/beverages to consume
  • Uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Frequently wash your hands/face

If you are an individual, who has oily skin, you know the challenges that you face on daily basis and it is not fair for you to go through that. I would like to take some time now and keep you posted how to treat oily skin or at least provide you tips on how to decrease oily skin.

Oily Skin in Men-Diverse Beauty

Oily Skin in Men-Diverse Beauty


Skin Tone Beauties

Acknowledging and selecting the right colors that go with our skin tones is a crucial key to our overall appearance. The correct colors can add value to our health, vibrant complexion, and sparkle to our everyday look. Remember you can leave the ashen and tired washed out look far from you, but there is hard work that needs to be put with time.

I would finally let you know by reading my previous posts, if you are still unsure bout your skin tone, do the exercises with a family member or friend and ask them for their input. If still you are not satisfied with that, please stop by a cosmetics counter a fine department store and talk with the specialist and/or consult your beautician for advice.

Before I head out, I want to share my fav actress and their pictures of reel vs real Hollywood Beauties:

Reel vs Real

Julia Roberts w/ and w/out make up at Diverse Beauty

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie w/ and w/out make up at Diverse Beauty

Remember understanding and taking care of your skin can make a big difference. Applying make up can make you or break you, but first taking care of the skin and understanding basic steps can lead to success.

Skin Tone-Warm, Neutral, Cool?

When I started researching for myself,  regarding “Beauty” and right products for my sensitive skin, I didn’t realize there is so much information, especially when one falls in multiple skin tones. After reading so much and acknowledging the term “beauty” the completely changed for me. In the beginning, I had realized how we never get to understand the true meaning of beauty, except what we see in books, movies, and tv’s. After learning the true meaning of beauty completely changed my life for better and I hope it makes positive difference in your life as well.

Let me continue from my last post, 3 Categories of Skin Tones, how to determine which category you may fall in.

Let’s explore and perform these simple tests to determine where you fit it:

Vein test – Go where there is a natural light and examine closely at the inside of your wrist. Does your appear to be greenish color? If so then you are warm skin tone. If you have bluish color veins than that would indicate you are a cool skin tone.

Pony tail test – Try to pull all your hair back away from your face in a tight ponytail or pull all your hair away from the face by using a hairband and completely clean your face. Place a white towel or some kind of cloth around your bare neck and shoulders. Now look at your reflection, if your face looks more yellow then it would mean that you are a warm skin tone, otherwise a bluish reflection would indicate you are a cool skin tone.

Silver/Gold test – Do you see yourself looking good in gold or silver? If gold is your color than my friend, you are a warm skin tone. For cool tone individuals silver is your color, all the way!

Go ahead and test yourself. What are you? Warm, Neutral, or Cool Skin Tone?

I would like to thank SelfGrowth.com in providing this test and letting me share with my readers.


Beauty, in general terms, society tends to define on our external looks such as long legs, long hair, skinny hips, and etc, highly due to Hollywood and media perception. When you turn on tv, first thing you see in ads is a woman that is skinny in high heels walking or running, she might look like size zero or one tops and she is vibrant! Seriously where is reality here?

Beauty is what we make ourselves to be not by what other people want us to be. Simple beauty can be considered wearing a sweatshirt, tennis shoes, and a mascara. Beauty is your choice and only you can create the “you” look that is vibrant!

Many of us are also watching our wallet in this tough economy, so I hope I can help you be stylishly beautiful in your own skin within your budget.

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