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Bad Breath Etiquette

Hi Friends,

As you noticed we have finely discussed various points of bad breath such as: reasons of bad breath, curing bad breath, bad breath home remedies, and now finally we would like to discuss bad breath etiquette.

We hope this helps you, because we are quite aware of challenges that come with looking beautiful!

Q. How to inform my coworker that s/he has bad breath without permanent damage?

A. This is very common question asked by many people, but few of them can clearly communicate the message to their colleagues. It’s a challenge to effectively address without doing any permanent damage to your colleague’s ego, your relationship with him/her, or both. To make it worse if the colleague is your boss- there’s not much you can do about it without putting your career at risk.

  1. Casually offer some gum, mints, or breath strips. If s/he says, “No, thanks,” don’t give up.
  2. Make the suggestion the next day and again in a week or so. (But please don’t push it too much) —If this doesn’t work-try different strategy.
  3. Limit interactions with the colleague
  4. If you cannot do step #3 than you have to confront the issue

Please note don’t be rude or mean when confronting the colleague regarding bad breath. Remember they may or may not know and also please keep in mind they may or may not have tried various steps, but they may or may not have faced success in getting rid of the bad breath.

Be a listener and a friend to them by not blaming them but making sure that they can count on you to support them. It is extremely important if they know that you are their, it can create strong relationships, trust, and believe it or not it can provide motivation both ways!

Q. How to inform my friend/date that s/he has bad breath without permanent damage?

A. There are several things you can do, it really depends on what level of trust and relationship you are with the individual(s). Best way to go about is:

  • Offer gums/mints
  • Tea
  • Share personal “bad breath” moments about yourself

When you do these steps in any order, the person will realize without being offended and may also feel thankful that you mentioned to them, without embarrassing them.

Any more questions, you know how to contact us!


Zits Growing Up Reality

Well, according to Beauty Sleep, we have finally reached to zits.

Zit is an kind of acne that is similar to pimple, the difference is that zit looks a bit different from pimple. Zits are very popular among teenagers and young adults, since the bodies of those individuals are changing and the skin oils tend to act up.

Zits by Diverse Beauty

Zits by Diverse Beauty

The best way to prevent/treating zit is:

  • Don’t try to pinch, poke, squeeze, and/or was the zit, because it can become worse and create permanent damage.
  • If you accidentally did squeeze, touch, and/or poked the zit, quickly was the part of the place on the skin where the zit popped and wash your hands with soap.
  • Don’t scrub your face, but wash your face daily, before sleeping and after waking up.
  • Don’t use any kind of harsh soaps/chemical based products on zits.
  • If the zit problem gets worse and/or painful, best to see your dermatologist.

Remember everyone goes through the phase, so don’t stress out!

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