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Nail Care—Dont’s

In our post, Nails, we provided the definition, now let us explore the Nail care!

We explained Nails Do’s now let us look at Nails Dont’s.

  • Try not to use nail products that contain formaldehyde or toluene, they can damage your nails and can negatively effect your health
  • Don’t use your fingernails as tools to pry things open, to fix stuff, to grasp items, and etc
  • Not a good idea to soak nails in water for long time, they become weak and easily to break
  • Don’t go overboard with nail polish remover, remember it is made from chemicals, so use when needed and in small amounts
  • Don’t try to push the cuticles, let them grow freely
  • Don’t bite your nails, it is disgusting and can leave teeth marks on your nails
  • If your nails are long, don’t chew on them or break them, but cut them cleanly
  • If your nails hurt, don’t ignore the pain, get appropriate medical attention

It is always a good idea, if unsure what to do go to the salon and/or to pharmacy store to see the specialists.


Nail Care—Do’s

In our previous post, Nails, we provided the definition, now let us explore the Nail care!

Going to the salon and getting nails is seriously part one, but what about taking care of them after that.

Let us first look at Nails Do’s and then next time we will cover Nails Dont’s.

  • In order prevent nails from breaking and splitting, do coat the outside of the nails with polish
  • Even it can be painful it is important to moisturize the cuticle area to prevent cracking and peeling
  • I know it can be a hassle, but wearing gloves for chores and jobs, it can help nails from becoming weak.
  • Most nail abuse comes from working an in office environment such as filing, opening letters, typing, and etc, do use appropriate tools for the work, instead of relying on the nail power
  • Using hand cream is very good idea, it keeps nails moisturized
  • In order to prevent our hand and nails from sun damage, it is crucial to use sunscreen at all times
  • Very important to use clean nail files and clean nails with clean equipment so the bacteria and germs don’t spread
  • If your nails have bacteria, treat it immediately by:
    • Visiting pharmacy store and purchasing antibacterial creams and ointments
    • Going to salon and getting advice from the nail specialist

I hope these tips help you. See ya in the next post!

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