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Diverse Beauty Winter 2012 Tips

Ok, it is snowing and it is extremely cold and worrying about how we look is not our top priority correct?

I really hope you stopped before answering this question and gave some thought. I will share few tips regarding winter beauty and I assure you it will not take much of your time, and most of all it would make you look beautiful!

Diverse Beauty Winter 2012 Tips:

  • Drink water-I know I seem to be repeating that a lot, but it is very true. In wintertime, we don’t really feel thirsty and we end up drinking very less amount of water. Drinking plenty of water helps smooth our skin and provide “life” to it.
  • Turn on the humidifier. Our skin becomes really dry quite fast, especially with the harsh winds and chills that are in the air. Our face needs moisturized air that is consistent and soothing.
  • Don’t stop using sunscreen because summer is gone. Sun doesn’t disappear in wintertime, so neither should our sunscreen. I use SPF 15 sunscreen in winter, because it protects the skin from sun rays.
  • Clean your face on daily basis, if you have extremely dry face, I would urge you to use face mask (which I will be providing various options and ways in my upcoming posts) that would help get rid of dead cell and birth to new skin.

These tips and tricks shouldn’t take too much of your time!


Lip Care for Men and Women 101

I already posted simple lip care information earlier, this post will provide other aspect of additional lip care, especially the daily habits we carry with us and we don’t realize how negatively it effects us.

  • Use a lip balm on daily basis. A good quality lip balm should contain moisturizing agents such as 
  • Jojoba oil
  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin E
  • SPF 6 or more (I personally use SPF 15)
  • In take of Fruits and Vegetables. Vitamins helps our lips become oft and smooth.
  • Drink water. Less intake of water usually leads to chapped lips.
  • Avoid and/or decrease smoking and alcohol intake. Smoking causes lips to become dark and wrinkles, while alcohol can dry lips.

Friends, I know many of these are challenging for many of us, but we can do one step at time!

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