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Thanksgiving De Stress

According to my last post, Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms, I stated I’ll provide some ways to de stress during Thanksgiving and other holiday events and enjoy them to the fullest.

You don’t have to do everything
If you are throwing a party or dinner for your family/friends, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Ask family and friends to help you. We all have our hands full, don’t be shy asking for help and extra hands.

Make a to-do list
By making a list, it provides a structure what needs to be done and do everything accordingly, not all in one day/time

Be ready to say “no”
If you don’t feel like putting dinner together, let your friends/family members no, there is no pressure. Don’t feel that you have to always agree, it is ok to say no.

Treat Yourself
Before/after the dinner or before/after family comes, go to the spa, get a massage.

Catch Up
Catch up with gossip and movies, loosen yourself, relax. Weather its your place or family/friends place, just enjoy the environment, provide creative ideas to do activities after dinner

Most of all relax and enjoy. Holidays comes once a year!

***Happy and Safe Thanksgiving from Diverse Beauty***


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