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Cleansing Whiteheads

We defined Whiteheads, but now the main question is how to prevent and/or treat Whiteheads right? Well, let us look at that now!

  • Avoid harsh soaps
  • Stay away from too many chemical based creams
  • Moisturizers/Lotions that are old/expired throw them out
  • Stop using old and/or shared make-up
  • Become familiar with your own skin-tone/oily/dry
  • Use Natural make up
  • Use appropriate facial cleaning products for your face
  • Steam your face to clean all the oils and pores

Never try to squeeze whitehead, it can create further damage, best to go to your dermatologist.


Whiteheads Define Beauty Advices

Whiteheads---Diverse Beauty

Whiteheads---Diverse Beauty

We explored Blackheads and also looked how to treat/prevent Blackheads. Now let us take a turn to define Whiteheads.

Whiteheads (closed comedones)-the cells are clogged and the air cannot escape, which in turn it forms white. tiny, pearly, white spots.

Whiteheads appearance is similar to pimples, the difference is Whiteheads need to be taken out carefully. 

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