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Stress Pros and Cons

We defined stress earlier, now let us look at it little closely and how it negatively effects us.

Stress is a normal physical and emotional response to (unexpected) events that make us feel threatened or upset our balance of life in some way. We then sense danger,  real or imaginary, our body kicks into defense mode. The process is known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction, or better understood as the stress response.

The “fight-or-flight,” response is our body’s way of protecting us, basically it is an automatic shield that is made within us.

Positive points of stress are:

  • Keeps us focused
  • Provides us energy
  • Keeps us alert, especially during emergency when it comes to life and death situation.   
  • Sharpens our concentration
  • Drives us to be motivated

Negative points of stress are:

  • Mood changes, easily gets mad or upset
  • Withdrawn or depressed
  • Frozen and tense

The positive aspect of stress are healthy for us, humans, in order to survive and good dose of negative stress is necessary to keep going.

Though just like everything has its limits, stress is no different and it should be no different, otherwise it can ruin healthy relationships, careers, partnerships, trust, and life.

In my next post, I am going to illustrate Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms

***Happy and Safe Thanksgiving from Diverse Beauty***


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