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Stress-The Ugly Duckling

In my previous post, Daily Stress, I quickly outlined the definition of stress, since I had already explained heavily in Holiday stress, so I don’t want to really repeat and into detail. In this post I would like to share how stress can negatively effect your body.

  • Heavily gain/lose weight
  • Sleep very little/too much
  • Headaches
  • Stomach problems
  • Chronic disease
  • Hair lose/grey hair
  • Breathing problems
  • Skin damage/wrinkles

These are only few areas that I have listed and each reaction would extremely depend on body type and how one relieve the stress.

I have already listed to how relieve the stress. Don’t be too stressed, remember your health and beauty is too important!


Prevent Grey Hair

In my previous post, “hair,” I mentioned how many of us get grey hair in an early age. Now I would like to share my research, which I have done and found how to prevent getting grey hair.

First of all we both know there are so many products (online/offline) that promise to help get rid of your grey hair. I am not saying they are all waste of our time and money, but think about it, mostly if not all are  or may contain some kind of dye. That way our hair will continue to turn more and more grey, even though using dye is much faster and provide immediate positive results, I know that cause since high school I have been using dye either to change hair color and/or hide grey hair.

Here are some natural ways to keep our hair color intact,that I have started using myself:

Curry Leaves with Almond Oil Mix: Boiling a few curry leaves in with equal almond oil, and then massage the mixture into hair every other day, once the mixture has cooled.

This treatment will stimulate and rejuvenate your hair, two things that are extremely necessary to restore original  hair color

Black Tea Hair Rinse: Black tea mixed with little table salt can and may help prevent getting grey hair. Your current hair color stays for longer time than usual.

Coconut Oil and Lemon Hair Treatment: Mideastern uses this remedy and it is close to them. Using about 3 tblsp coconut oil and mix with few drops of lemon juice and massage in your scalp and keep it for at least for half an hour and then wash.

Let me know if you guys try and/or have already tried any of these ways and has it worked for you?

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