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Henna for Hair?

I was surfing net yesterday and came towards Yahoo Q’s and A’s and someone was asking about Henna (The powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used as a dye to color the hair and decorate the body, Wikipedia.com) Does Henna work for hair and the answer is yes it does. 

Henna in an natural organic power, which is popularly used to temporary tattoo hands and feet in many countries around the world. Also many peopHair Henna at diverse beautyle, who do not have access to hair coloring and/or are afraid of chemical mixtures in their hair, those people use henna either to add color/life to their hair and/or cover grey hair. 

My aunts use henna religiously for their hair, because they believe hair coloring that contains many chemicals can and do damage hair, while using henna it doesn’t do anything to hair, except it brings reddish-orangish glow to hair. I personally haven’t tried using henna in my hair, since I have dark long black hair, but since I have been so much reading, I am definitely going to try and keep you guys posted!

Though I have used henna many times for my hands and feet. I love the designs that we are able to create and play around and the best part is that it is temporary after few weeks it is gone! 

Have you tried henna?


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