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Chocolate Breakout

Have you ever been told don’t eat too much chocolate because it might give you breakouts? If yes, then it is time to change that viewpoint, because that is a myth!

The reality is eating chocolate will not give you breakouts, but if you don’t eat healthy that may cause your body to react, that can definitely cause pimples, breakouts, and zits!

Chocolate Breakout by Diverse Beauty

Chocolate Breakout by Diverse Beauty


Whiteheads Define Beauty Advices

Whiteheads---Diverse Beauty

Whiteheads---Diverse Beauty

We explored Blackheads and also looked how to treat/prevent Blackheads. Now let us take a turn to define Whiteheads.

Whiteheads (closed comedones)-the cells are clogged and the air cannot escape, which in turn it forms white. tiny, pearly, white spots.

Whiteheads appearance is similar to pimples, the difference is Whiteheads need to be taken out carefully. 

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Cure for Pimples

There are number of ways to treat pimples-some are chemical based and some are natural. I rely heavily, if you noticed, away from artificial and chemical based products as much as possible, because I have a sensitive skin.

Let me share some ways that you can treat pimples:

  • Wash you hands and face periodically, especially if you work outside.
  • Exercise
  • Eat lots of veggies, especially green veggies
  • Stay away from fry foods/oily foods
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Wash your face with warm water before sleeping and after getting up
  • Tea Tree Oil-a therapeutic herb that is frequently used for anti bacterial reasons
  • No Itching or touching pimple area(s)
  • Soak with pimple area, especially too itchy with warm water, for short time

It will take time to heal, but it will heal. Continue with your routine of eating healthy foods and staying away from chemical based products, because they may cause allergy reactions that can cause pimples.


Let us continue where we had previously left. In Beauty Sleep, we explained what can happen if one sleeps with the make up.

We defined Oily Skin, looked at the positive and negative aspect of oily skin, we also illustrated how to treat oily skin. Now let us look at second point, which is Pimples.

By definition, pimples spot is a an acne that is excess in oil getting trapped in the pores.


Pimples illustrated by Diverse Beauty

Pimples illustrated by Diverse Beauty

Beauty Sleep

Hi there,

How was your Christmas? Mine was good; whole family was together, which was special in itself. Though it felt quite weird for many people this year there was no snow or very light snow and I say bless be for that. I know many of my friends were disappointed there was no or very little snow, but sometimes its good to have a Christmas without freezing cold, don’;t you agree?

Well I want to share something that I realized many men and women don’t understand and/or realize that before sleeping one should wash all their facial make up from their face. Sleeping with face on the make up can create:

  • Oily skin/oils and chemicals go inside deeprer in the skin
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads/White heads
  • Breakouts/Zits
  • Skin gets saggy
  • Reds get red, especially with eye make up

These are just few negative side effects that I have listed above, so please don’t sleep with your make up, wash your face before sleeping, that goes for both men and women.

Diverse Computer Graphics and Beauty of Technology

When you turn on TV and/or watch a movie, we see people with no blackheads, dry skin, pimples, freckles, scars, and etc right? The way technology has increased and the usage is unbelievable. Let us take a look at the latest movie, which I saw and it clearly surprised me. Recently, I watch Twilight Breaking Dawn P.1 and the make up with added technology completely changed the actual look of Kristin Stewart. When I saw the article in Yahoo, she looked like a normal person with tired looking eyes, hair blowing in all directions, light lipstick, and etc, but in the movie, completely different look.

When we see the individual as a character, we tend to find flaws in ourselves and don’t realize that we shouldn’t find flaws and mistakes in ourselves, but rather remember its the work of technology that we see, not the reality.

I am going to take the next step of discussing make up and how to correctly apply make up. In my next posts, I will also share what products I use.

Happy Reading and stay tuned! Got to run to work now, have a great day.

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