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Christmas Holiday 2011 Party

Hi there guys, I wanted to update you what is going in my life! Actually, to say the least, it has been quite boring except working this whole week. I am happy since I am getting the hours at work, it is good thing right?

Coming Sunday, I will not be able to post anything, because right after work I will be attending Christmas/Holiday party. I am excited for the break and getting into party mode! Will you be attending or hosting Christmas/Holiday party thing year?

Many of us are on Facebook right? Doesn’t it get annoying when people tell us what to call Christmas or Holiday? I mean technically it is called Christmas, but if someone wants it to call it Holiday, I believe that should be fine too. Why argue on such small matters? Think about it, you say potato, I say potaaato, don’t you agree? It means the same thing;-)

After all we all we live in diverse society and now we need to accept the reality!


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