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We have covered quite a lot on skin tone and dry skin for men and women, now I would like to shift my focus to hair (on our heads) and take a break from skin, which I assure you we will return on skin care again.

The reason I chose to move to the topic of hair, because many people around me include of grey hair. I realized whole winter we bundle ourselves and that can damage our hair-this is true for both, men and women.

We all have different kinds of hair, yet we become a victim of grey hair, sometimes later in life (lucky ones) others in young age.

Here are few reasons to understand why you get grey hair:

Hereditary: Genes can be the most dominant factor when it comes to whether or not you will have grey hair.

Smoking: Smoking is and can also be a large contributor to the grey hair. If you are a smoker who smokes ½ pack to a full pack a day, chances are that you will suffer from premature grey hair faster than a non smoker

Stress: Stress is also a known factor when it comes to grey hair. Reducing stress in your life can greatly help you!

Stay tuned to see how to prevent grey hair!


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