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3 Categories of Skin Tones

As per last post, Knowing Skin Tone, I mentioned skin tones are classified into categories such as:

  • Warm—These are earth colors. If you consider yourself in this category then be assured the colors such as sage greens, gold, mochas, and bronzes will be favorable to your looks and during col or winter try peachy and apricot yellow to add “softness.”
  • Neutral—Individuals in this category are indeed quite lucky as almost all colors look good but keep in mind it can go both ways (good/bad), so keep in mind what look you are going for, combining warm and cool tones may do damage.
  • Cool—Keeping close to rich and true colors that may and can include black, navy, true red, shocking pink, deep and emerald greens, dark blues, purples and violets. Keeping far from golds and orange colors are good idea but going for icy tones is exceptionally welcoming for individuals in this category.

I don’t want to confuse you with so much information, so hopefully see ya in the next post!


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