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Zits Growing Up Reality

Well, according to Beauty Sleep, we have finally reached to zits.

Zit is an kind of acne that is similar to pimple, the difference is that zit looks a bit different from pimple. Zits are very popular among teenagers and young adults, since the bodies of those individuals are changing and the skin oils tend to act up.

Zits by Diverse Beauty

Zits by Diverse Beauty

The best way to prevent/treating zit is:

  • Don’t try to pinch, poke, squeeze, and/or was the zit, because it can become worse and create permanent damage.
  • If you accidentally did squeeze, touch, and/or poked the zit, quickly was the part of the place on the skin where the zit popped and wash your hands with soap.
  • Don’t scrub your face, but wash your face daily, before sleeping and after waking up.
  • Don’t use any kind of harsh soaps/chemical based products on zits.
  • If the zit problem gets worse and/or painful, best to see your dermatologist.

Remember everyone goes through the phase, so don’t stress out!


Define Oily Skin

In the post, “Beauty Sleep,” I had mentioned various negative side effects. I want to take some time now to take each point and define. I understand you guys can easily look up on Wikipedia, but not many times the information is accurate.

Let us first define oily skin, simple known as  greasy and shiny skin. For my medical friends, you may be familiar with the term sebum (skin oils) to be viewed as negative in the society yet we don’t realize many times every thing has both sides; positive and negative.

Since our skin and hair are touching each other they work along with each other-oils in our hair don’t have anywhere to go, so they do deep inside our skin and depending how one takes care of his/her facial, they may and can face pores that are basically made of oils as this is one of the ways to escape and make new oils. 

Next I’ll be discussing positives and negatives of oily skins. Later I would like to illustrate how to take care of your facial, so one can understand the importance of treating oily skin.

Beauty Sleep

Hi there,

How was your Christmas? Mine was good; whole family was together, which was special in itself. Though it felt quite weird for many people this year there was no snow or very light snow and I say bless be for that. I know many of my friends were disappointed there was no or very little snow, but sometimes its good to have a Christmas without freezing cold, don’;t you agree?

Well I want to share something that I realized many men and women don’t understand and/or realize that before sleeping one should wash all their facial make up from their face. Sleeping with face on the make up can create:

  • Oily skin/oils and chemicals go inside deeprer in the skin
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads/White heads
  • Breakouts/Zits
  • Skin gets saggy
  • Reds get red, especially with eye make up

These are just few negative side effects that I have listed above, so please don’t sleep with your make up, wash your face before sleeping, that goes for both men and women.

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