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Stress-The Ugly Duckling

In my previous post, Daily Stress, I quickly outlined the definition of stress, since I had already explained heavily in Holiday stress, so I don’t want to really repeat and into detail. In this post I would like to share how stress can negatively effect your body.

  • Heavily gain/lose weight
  • Sleep very little/too much
  • Headaches
  • Stomach problems
  • Chronic disease
  • Hair lose/grey hair
  • Breathing problems
  • Skin damage/wrinkles

These are only few areas that I have listed and each reaction would extremely depend on body type and how one relieve the stress.

I have already listed to how relieve the stress. Don’t be too stressed, remember your health and beauty is too important!


Men’s Dry Skin

Dry skin isn’t only for women, but men too are susceptible to dry skin. Men’s dry skin is really due to lifestyle, habits and diet.

Exposure to harsh elements/chemicals, with seasonal changes can create dry skin. Skin damage can also be caused by shaving that can eventually reduces its hydration.

Let us first explore signs for men’s dry skin:

  • Skin feels tight after washing or shaving
    • Characteristics of dry skin
      • Dull, pallid tones that sometimes peel and flake
      • Hands and elbows may/can get rough, dry patches as well
      • Can create/make a man look older than actually age

I will provide more information how to get rid of dry skin, feel better, look healthy and sexy!


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