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100th Blog Post by Diverse Beauty

We want to inform you we finally made 100 blog posts!

We would like to thank you for all your help, questions, motivational comments/feedback, and emails.

Please continue to provide feedback/comments! It is really helpful.

What would you like to see more information on? Please do let us know

Diverse Beauty 100th Blog Post

Diverse Beauty 100th Blog Post


Diversity Creates Beauty

I would like to share one interesting question I ran into regarding Diverse Beauty blog-the individual asked me since they are white in skin tone, so this Diverse Beauty would not help them with their questions?

My answer to this statement is: Diverse Beauty blog is not only for individuals with colored skin tone but for everyone, including for fair skin (white skin tone), because it is amazing to see how similar we all are no matter what skin tone we have. I guess that what makes is unique and diverse!

Most of all that what makes this blog



Give the Gift of Beauty

We all have resolution for New years and we try to keep up with our goals, even though many times it can be (extremely) challenging and many of us do pass and sometimes many of us don’t pass and we try again

Our resolution can be achieved with your help, let us get together and share Diverse Beauty blog with our family, friends, and colleagues. Sharing this blog is giving the gift of beauty to your loved ones and you can change their life.

Twitter @DiverseisBeauty

Finally I got a chance to create a Diverse Beauty Blog page on twitter. Feel free to follow us over there as well! Don’t forget to show your support by bookmarking us and following us as well as commenting and providing feedback! Love to hear from you guys!

Twitter- @DiverseisBeauty

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