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Skin Tone-Warm, Neutral, Cool?

When I started researching for myself,  regarding “Beauty” and right products for my sensitive skin, I didn’t realize there is so much information, especially when one falls in multiple skin tones. After reading so much and acknowledging the term “beauty” the completely changed for me. In the beginning, I had realized how we never get to understand the true meaning of beauty, except what we see in books, movies, and tv’s. After learning the true meaning of beauty completely changed my life for better and I hope it makes positive difference in your life as well.

Let me continue from my last post, 3 Categories of Skin Tones, how to determine which category you may fall in.

Let’s explore and perform these simple tests to determine where you fit it:

Vein test – Go where there is a natural light and examine closely at the inside of your wrist. Does your appear to be greenish color? If so then you are warm skin tone. If you have bluish color veins than that would indicate you are a cool skin tone.

Pony tail test – Try to pull all your hair back away from your face in a tight ponytail or pull all your hair away from the face by using a hairband and completely clean your face. Place a white towel or some kind of cloth around your bare neck and shoulders. Now look at your reflection, if your face looks more yellow then it would mean that you are a warm skin tone, otherwise a bluish reflection would indicate you are a cool skin tone.

Silver/Gold test – Do you see yourself looking good in gold or silver? If gold is your color than my friend, you are a warm skin tone. For cool tone individuals silver is your color, all the way!

Go ahead and test yourself. What are you? Warm, Neutral, or Cool Skin Tone?

I would like to thank SelfGrowth.com in providing this test and letting me share with my readers.


Knowing Skin Tone

After reading several posts now, you may finally have come to know your skin tone right?

Don’t answer yet, because trust me there is one more part of information that is essential in determining your skin tone. Remember understanding the skin tone not only provides structure for make up usage, but more importantly, it brings out healthy beauty and youth.  Using any kind of make up can cause skin damage. skin diseases,and skin deterioration. Once the damage is done it can cost you more to correct unhealthy skin texture  and it may or may not get healthy again, so it is very crucial you take care of your skin.

Our environment plays huge role in our “beauty.”  Our skin texture and tone changes according to the weather and season changes.

Skin tones are classified into catergories such as:

  • Warm
  • Neutral
  • Cool

I am going to show how to acknowledge which category you fit in, but please remember it may change due to many factors such as weather, season, stress, age, and etc.

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