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Vaseline Miracle Lip Remedy

I have previously posted 2 Lips Care:

In this post I would like to share a valuable home remedy that works like a miracle for chapped and dry lips for men and women: Vaseline.

I know many of you will think I am nuts, but Vaseline contains petroleum jelly, a crucial ingredient that helps smooth our lips and bring color. Vaseline has been used for over centuries for lip care and in many parts of the world such as India and China rely heavily on Vaseline for the facial and lip care.

I understand there have been many different positive and negative facts floating around, but I would highly recommend that you choose for yourself. Vaseline has it own website on Wikipedia (already hyperlink for you), please feel free to cnsult that and do some research, if you feel uncomfortable using Vaseline.

Vaseline not too expensive and can be used for treating many facial cures, which I will definitely share with you.


Winter Silky Skin for Men and Women

1. 5 MINUTE-SHOWER Speedy shower helpd prevent dryness. “Get in, get out,” advises Ranella Hirsch, M.D., a dermatologist in Boston.

2. DON’T BOTHER TO DRY COMPLETELY “The emollient in lotion seals in skin’s own moisture,” explains Dr. Hirsch, “so slather it on slightly damp skin. For an extra boost, look for a lotion with a humectant like glycerin, which simultaneously attracts moisture to skin.”

3. USE OATMEAL FOR SOOTHING For anti-inflammatory that is gentle on skin.

4. SENSITIVE SKIN CAN COMPLETELY SKIP SCENTS For your sensitive skin, look for products without scents, but beware: “Unscented” products that can include a masking scent to neutralize the odor of the product; that, too, can cause skin to react. Go for “fragrance free” on the label, for an example.

5. PROPER H2O Humidifier is a perfect way to combat indoor heat. When someone catches cold, try to put a pinch of Vaseline (petroleum jelly, not the lotion) or Vicks and see the clearness.

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