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Simple Steps for Long Hair

This holiday season, one question I was frequently asked by my family and friends, which I thought it would be good to share with you, my readers-“How to grow my hair long?”
There are many ways one can grow their hair using vitamins, chemicals, and/or artificial aspects, but I would like to share some natural ways to grow your hair long for both men and women.
  • Healthy DietOur body works on what we consume and drink, it is extremely important to understand that. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water can provide necessary nutritious for the body.
  • Exercise-Since our hair grows directly from our body, we have to take care or treat well.
  • Trim Regularly-It is important to understand our hair grows bad really fast and getting rid of split ends and other dead hair is important for new healthy hair to grow.
  • For Dry Hair use Moisturize Products– I personally use hair oil to moisurize my hair, but one can find variety of products in hair aisle.  
  • Don’t overwork-Don’t touch your hair frequently and/or brush/comb too much, otherwise it creates hair breakage.
  • Take Care of Hair-Don’t use too much heat, chemicals, or other such products in your hair. Mixing unnecessary products in your hair may and can create hair damage and breakage.
  • Use Warm Water-Don’t use hot water to wash your hair, instead go for warm water and to condition use cool/cold water.
  • Don’t Stress-If one worries/stresses a lot, it creates our body to overwork and that can damage hair as well.

Hope this helps, because I use them and it has helped me and many others. Good Luck!


Lip Care for Men and Women 101

I already posted simple lip care information earlier, this post will provide other aspect of additional lip care, especially the daily habits we carry with us and we don’t realize how negatively it effects us.

  • Use a lip balm on daily basis. A good quality lip balm should contain moisturizing agents such as 
  • Jojoba oil
  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin E
  • SPF 6 or more (I personally use SPF 15)
  • In take of Fruits and Vegetables. Vitamins helps our lips become oft and smooth.
  • Drink water. Less intake of water usually leads to chapped lips.
  • Avoid and/or decrease smoking and alcohol intake. Smoking causes lips to become dark and wrinkles, while alcohol can dry lips.

Friends, I know many of these are challenging for many of us, but we can do one step at time!

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